The Mystery of EP

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(by John Freedom)

An old and famous poem from India goes something like this.

It was six scientists of Indostan

To research much inclined,

Who went to see the enerpsych

(Though all were of closed mind),

That each by observation

Might see what he would find.

The first scientist, after tapping, humming, eye-rolling, and feeling rather sore, said “Harrumph!  Harrumph!  This enerpsych is mere distraction, and can be nothing more!”

The second scientist, steeped in the traditions of his craft, opined: “This enerpsych, this enerpsych, IF it works at all, can only work because of ‘common elements’ it shares with more well-established therapies……”

The third, thoroughly schooled in behaviorism, was somewhat more verbose: “Nonsense!  It is obvious that enerpsych is simply conditioning classicale! Through exposure you are desensitizing the stimulus triggering a relaxation response which then counter-conditions the previously stressful stimulus…..”

The fourth, who spent his days in labs poring over PETs, SPECTs and fMRIs, remarked “Nay, nay, nay! Neurophysiology is really where it’s at! Somatic stimulation sends signals to that pesky amygdala, which in turn communicates to the thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and locus coeruleus, thereby down-regulating limbic over-excitation and restoring homeostasis……”

The fifth scientist, a long-time student of the healing arts, said “Energy is the one true Reality, of course! Your ignorance of our subtle energetic anatomies has blinded you to the real dynamic here.” Waxing poetic, he discussed: “Blockages of energy, in the subtle channels exquisite, cause the emotional upsets we see here in this visit. The incantations and percussions, upon the skin divine, send surges of vital energy down every meridian line. This removes the blocks and restores the flow, leaving our clients with a radiant glow.”

Finally the sixth scientist, having studied transformational effects in psychotherapy for many years, shook his head wearily. “We have of course discovered the precise recipe common to all effective approaches.The real key to transformation is, in a word, juxtaposition! It is so simple; let me explain. Calming the nervous system by tapping while simultaneously being exposed to a stressful stimulus creates a mismatch juxtaposition experience triggering a cascade of perceptional reorganizations and cognitive reframings resulting in deep and permanent memory reconsolidation …..”

Meanwhile, the patient left without his symptoms, but instead he had a plan; all the money saved on therapy, would be spent touring Indostan.

So, how does energy psychology ‘really’ work?  

To answer these and other questions, ACEP has created an exciting new online course, “The Science of Energy Healing”. ACEP members will see a sneak preview next week, and it will be available for everyone from October 13-20. Join the ACEP email list now and we’ll let you know when it’s available!

John Freedom

Author, Heal Yourself With Emotional Freedom Technique

Chair, Research Committee / Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Learn more about energy psychology at energy


  1. John, I like your poem. FYI it appears a lot of the heavy listing bridging old science with holistic (Goethean) science has been done in a Sept 2015 book, Balance on All Levels PACME. Below is a summary of a key chapter. Let me know if you wish a copy to review. Bruce [att] healingtoolbox dot org

    Finally, peace between “holistic science” and “hard science”

    Summary ~ We already ​use three orders of science every day​ and do not acknowledge this​. What we call “hard science” is simply the middle one-third​ of three sciences​.

    First Order Science​ ~ This is cell-level-intelligence, the ​intelligence behind our metabolic processes, muscle reflexes (smooth muscles only). This is the ​science ​underlying all holistic healing and muscle testing/dowsing.

    Parents use Third Order Science each time they ask, do we have enuf resources for everyone? What is for the highest good of this family? This neighborhood? This community?​ “Whole-brained thinking” and “Third Order Science​” are virtually synonymous. These formerly obscure topics are clarified for lay persons in Balance. ​

    Second Order Science​ is​ “hard science​.​” ​ Skepticism and hard-headedness are valuable traits here when applied to basic physical survival​, improving physical quality of life (indoor plumbing)​, making machines and running hierarchical factory-style ​operations​. ​

    ​These same traits are destructive and corrosive in the domain of First Order Science; ​and often, a liability for practicing Third Order Science.

    ​So every science is useful in its area of genius. ​Skepticism and hostility between these scientists and holistic practitioners is simply unnecessary.
    To get to the happy scene where the handsome prince (Goethe’s holistic science) finds the unique foot that fits the glass slipper (holistic health and healing 1970-2015), you have to go beyond 
    even given Rudolf Steiner’s celebration of Goethe’s science
    ​  As a Waldorf-trained teacher, I can assure you Waldorf and Anthroposophy missed the Goethe-holistic healing connection; yet, it was there to be made.  This occurred in 2014 in a Goethean science blog.
    Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul;
    Finally, a general holistic experimental method; The Three Sciences we use everyday; Holistic Psychology 2.0

  2. David Hignett says:

    Wonderful, John: thank you!!!

  3. Janetta Bensing says:

    Hilarious and oh, so true.
    I’m glad I learned EFT from you!
    To John from Janetta

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