Energy Psychology as a brief therapy treatment for trauma “TED style” talk

Last spring I was invited to give a “TED style” talk for the Psychotherapy Networker Conference on energy psychology (EP) as a brief therapy. “TED style” meant that it had to be 20 minutes or less. The setting and staging was nowhere near as fancy as a TED talk. Nevertheless, here is the result of that invitation–a highly condensed description of EP for treating trauma, including:

  1. a powerful story of using TFT for treating PTSD in Rwandan children
  2. a description of the effectiveness of EFT for treating vets
  3. a blistering critique of the VA for not using EP
  4. a summary of the research on the effectiveness of EP
  5. a delineation of the process of EP treatment for trauma
  6. a summary of the neuroscience underlying the effectiveness of EP

The final section of the video discusses how EP is not just a technique; it is a framework that allows clinicians to be deeply present with clients.  Feel free to use this video to help spread the word of the effectiveness of energy psychology. Let me know what you think.

deconstructing trauma with EP


Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP
ACEP Executive Director
Author of Tools for Transforming Trauma

For more information on EP training come to

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