Even when you don’t think it’s working …

Plastic toy airplane isolated on white(By Lucy Grace Yaldezian, CHT, CHC, TAT)

I have never seen a child more active!  He bounced all over my waiting room and inner office, seemingly incapable of keeping his busy, curious little hands off just about anything he happened to see. He had questions about everything, and made astonishing connections from the answers. Obviously a very, very bright five-year-old!

His mom said that at school, the teacher was frustrated with him and there was talk of exploring medication.

I managed to get him to try the Child’s TAT Pose and say, “I am calm.” He didn’t comply with any of my repeated requests to “look at things with your eyes instead of your hands,” and it took threatening to unplug the little floor fountain I have in my waiting room to get him to stop splashing the water all over; but each time I asked him (about 4 times over a 45-minute period) to go into “The Pose,” he complied immediately. Unfortunately, I saw no change in his behavior as a result.

By the time he and his exhausted, frazzled mom left, I wondered if they had gotten any value from their time with me.

This is an excerpt from the email I received from his mom a few days later:

The calming strategy has been very helpful and I have had E. use it already! I have started doing it myself! 🙂 We flew [out of state] to visit family last night, but when we were on the shuttle to the airport E. started to get very hyper. I had him do the pose and he was actually calm the rest of the way! When we left your office, E. fell asleep right away! I came home and ended up taking a 3 hour nap that felt more relaxed that any sleep I have had for awhile. So thank you for that! 

Thankfully, my own doubts about the effectiveness of the process did not pollute the child’s experience. His mom recently reported that he has been noticeably calmer overall and has not even had to use the “calming strategy” for a few weeks now.

Lucy Grace Yaldezian, CHT, TAT, CHC

A Higher Perspective  |  www.ahigherperspective.com

ACEP member  |  www.energypsych.org

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