Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt (Part 1) by ACEP

As stories continue to come out about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, it is not surprising to hear the survivors are struggling to make sense of why they lived through it and others did not. These kinds of thoughts often occur for people who survive horrific situations and can create a condition commonly called ‘survivor’s guilt.’

This post is mainly to spotlight this issue, and make people aware that the scars left behind for those involved can be both visible and invisible. This quote from a Washington Post article gives insight into the thought process that many people go through:

Colorado Memorial (AP Photo_Ed Andrieski)

He talked about how thankful he felt to have survived, but how he continued to wrestle with why so many others had not. “I’ll struggle with that,” Barton said. “It was so arbitrary, the way people died.”


Any traumatic experience can be stored as a disruption in the energy system. Energy Psychology modalities like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be tremendously helpful in the healing process as they are designed to resolve and release those disruptions from the body. “Survivor’s guilt” is one of many potential issues that can be expected after a traumatic experience. When the time is right to seek professional support, a well trained EFT professional can significantly aid in trauma healing. To find an ACEP-certified EFT practitioner, you can search our online directory or contact the office at 619-861-2237.

EFT can also be used as a self-help method and instruction is provided from the Founder of EFT at While self-help techniques like this can be beneficial, we also recommend that you speak with a psychologist or counselor about your traumatic experience if you have not done so already.

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