Looking to spread the word about Energy Psychology? Try your local TV news stations

During the past couple months, as we have followed energy psychology in the news, one thing has become clear – local TV news is much more likely than newspapers or magazines to do a story on EP.

Here is a sampling of some of the stories done on EP by television news organizations:

Tell people about energy psychology via the local news






While the Miami and Boston stories are basically the same, they are still reaching two different, and large, audiences. These examples show that local TV news can be a good way to spread the word about energy psychology treatments.

If you are a therapist who uses EP or someone who has been helped by it, it may be worth it to email a news director at a local station and see if they are interested in doing a story. The news business is a copycat business and if you show the news director that these stories have been done elsewhere, it will strengthen your position as to why it should be done in your area. Also, these stories can be good visually, especially if they can show someone overcoming issues because of EP.

We would not be surprised to see more of these stories show up in other television markets. With that being the case, why not try and tell your story? If you need help approaching journalists, and want any advice or even for ACEP to approach someone on your behalf, feel free to contact us at acepmedia@gmail.com.

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