EP as a Treatment for PTSD


Wednesday, June 27 marked the third annual Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day in the United States. While it is great that this day exists, it is important that we keep our military veterans in mind more than once per year. These men and women fight for our country, and many of them give their lives, while those who come back suffer greatly from the experiences they had while at war.

PTSD for some veterans is so debilitating that the 4th of July causes dread. Fireworks trigger their PTSD and many choose to stay away from public displays. For others, the random fireworks being set off by neighbors are even worse. As Dr.  Hart pointed out:

“What they’ll feel when they hear or see fireworks is mostly fear, a sense of threat as they did during combat when the IED went off or when the Humvee blew up”

Veterans should not have to fear celebrating our nation’s birthday. They should get the best possible mental health treatment, which we feel includes giving them the option to utilize energy psychology. Former soldiers, like Dan Hoaglin, tried various therapeutic methods before finally coming across EFT. If energy psychology was promoted by the Veterans Administration (VA), it wouldn’t take so long for veterans like Hoaglin to get the help they need.

We at ACEP are not alone in our strong feelings that EP should be readily available to the men and women returning from war. New York Senator Chuck Schumer is the latest high-profile person/organization to push for EFT to be approved by the VA as a treatment for PTSD. Schumer stated:

“The VA cannot have this ‘see no evil hear no evil’ attitude. If they think the treatment works they ought to give it to people.”

We also want to remember that PTSD affects many other groups of people including: rape victims, victims of childhood sexual, physical abuse, and torture victims to name a few.  This happens in countries around the world. Energy Psychology approaches are extremely important tools in the healing of PTSD. For more resources go click on this hyperlink.

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